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Farewell to 2013 and a warm welcome to 2014 ♡ despite all the good and the bad times in 2013 i am still thankful for everything i’ve learnt throughout the year. Bye bye to the 18 years old of Nur Iman Athira Bt Saiful Anuar #HappyNewYear ♡

Yay finally met this singaporean girl after omg idk 2years++ of long distance friendship that started on twitter. Wish to have a long chat with you next time @noninieyyyy ♡ (at Penang International Airport (PEN))

It was a pleasure knowing you and being your friend is something that im thankful for, you will always be apart of my good memories in kmpp. Thanks for veing such a great girl that i can kid around with. Semoga ukhwah kita berkekalan Siti Nurbaya .Best of luck in exploring new life. Lots of love from us , b1.4.1 ♡ (at Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang (KMPP))

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